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Many pre-sales and support questions can be answered here at the One on One Internet FAQ. Please take a moment to look through the FAQ before calling support or entering a support request at the Help Desk.

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Go to our online order page and select the "New Domain" radio button. Your hosting account will be set up and your domain name will be registered. You will receive a Welcome email from us with all the information you need to get started. Your domain name will take about 24-48 hours to propagate throughout the internet and be usable. In the meantime you can publish your site using the IP address that you receive in the Welcome email.

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You will then need to update the name server records with your registrar to point to the One on One name servers (domain name transfer).

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Once you register a domain name, you cannot "un-register" it. If you find that the domain name you chose no longer suits your business or personal needs, you should register another domain name. We can then rename your account to match your new domain name. The domain name you originally registered will continue to be registered to you until the end of the registration period. Registration fees are non-refundable.

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Parked domain names are domain names that point to an existing Web site. You can park as many domain names under your account as you want at no charge. All email addressed to a parked domain will come to the default email address on your main account. Parked domains do not have their own IP address or control panel.

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Log in to your Control Panel, click on the Add Domain icon, then click on the Add Parked Domain button. If your hosting plan does not offer the Add Domain feature, please forward your aparking instructions to We will park the domain for you. Please remember to advise if we are to register the domain name and also the number of years.

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Please forward your domain name registration transfer request to Before doing this, you must contact the current registrar and have them unlock the domain name, have them, if necessary, update the email address for the registrant and administrative contacts on the current domain Whois records and have them advise the domain authorization code. We must submit this authorization code with our registration transfer request. Domain registration transfers incur a one-time $19.95 fee.

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When you transfer your domain you are just pointing it to our servers. This means when when someone types your domain name in their browser it will go to your site on our servers. In order to transfer your domain you must go to the registrar where you purchased your domain name and have them update your records. We will gladly help you handle your domain name transfer.

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When a visitor types your domain name into their Web browser, their request is referred to a nameserver that indicates the physical location (the IP address) of your domain on the Internet. When your site location changes to a new IP address, or when a new domain name is added, nameservers around the world must be notified of the change. This process is referred to as propagation. Propagation normally requires 24-48 hours. During this period, if you are transferring your domain, some nameservers will refer to the old location of your site and some to the new location. Therefore, a visitor accessing your site may be directed to either the old or new location. That's why it is best to cancel your old hosting company after the name server changes have propagated.

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They are very different. A registration transfer means you are changing registrars. Transfering registrars is different from a domain name transfer. A domain name transfer means that you are merely updating your domain name server records at your current registrar to point it to our servers. Domain registration transfers incur a one-time $19.95 fee.

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