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One on One Internet Reseller Program

The One on One Internet Reseller Program lets you start your own web hosting company for as little as $49.99 per month. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware or set up costly direct fiber optic connections to the Internet. Simply leverage our infrastructure and start your own web hosting company with a minimal investment.

One on One Internet Reseller Benefits Include:

  • Huge Profits : large discounts on One on One Internet's low prices
  • Independence : Use your own virtual nameservers (
  • Control : A complete Master control panel provides easy administration
  • Customization : Private label our control panel and provide it to your clients
  • Superior Connectivity : Redundant OC-48 fiber optic connections
  • Incremental Revenues : Sell over a dozen value-added products and services

How the One on One Internet Reseller Program Works:

Launching your own web hosting company, or simply capturing additional revenues and providing a value-added service to your clients has never been easier. Here’s how to get started immediately:

  1. Sign Up and Purchase our Reseller Hosting Plan
    It includes your own name server and customizable GUI control panel to manage your own domain. The Reseller package includes added functionality allowing you to setup your clients’ domains as well. Pay as you go – only pay for additional accounts after they are ordered. View details of the One on One Internet Reseller Account .
  2. Private Label your Master Control Panel and Offer it to Clients
    Add your company logo and market your company and brand. One on One Internet is completely invisible to your clients. Put your name on our control panel and pass it along to your clients for easy administration.
  3. Setup Your Website and Start Marketing and Selling Your Services
    Leverage One on One Internet’s investment in direct fiber connections, product research and development, and state-of-the art data center in your marketing and sales efforts. Best of all, we provide all our products and services below wholesale pricing so you can make additional revenues.

One on One Internet Reseller Obligations:

  1. Billing and Invoicing
    When you sign up a new client or add an ala carte product or service through your Master Control Panel, your main One on One Internet Reseller Account will be billed automatically. You can in turn mark up the wholesale price to whatever you deem appropriate. One on One Internet remains invisible to your clients.
  2. Service and Support
    Any resold account you sell must comply with One on One Internet’s Acceptable Use Policy . We retain the right to cancel any resold account or reseller for violating these policies. In addition, because One on One Internet remains anonymous to your clients, you are responsible for customer service/technical support to your clients.
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